“A WALK TOWARDS ADULT”: Life Skills and Sexuality Education for Secondary Schools


Melville College


May - July, 2018 Report:


We had a discussion with the students of Junior Secondary School (JSS 3) on Dealing with Peer Pressure. WHO research findings in 2002 says: “Worldwide, young people suffer from unplanned pregnancies, STIs, HIV and other reproductive health problems which can have serious medical, psychological, social and economic consequences.”
This is even more so now than ever, today’s youth is more exposed and in danger than ever before. Some of the tips shared were:

  • Choices made at this stage make indelible marks on their lives and destiny, therefore they need to be deliberately authentic and realistic with their choices.
  • Peer pressure can be positive or negative, therefore, to have a fulfilled life in future they need to make right choices and avoid negative pressures that would lead to regrets.

The students were appreciative of the discussion. A total of thirty three (33) students (11 boys and 22 girls) were in attendance.


“CATCH THEM YOUNG” for Elementary Schools  



May - July, 2018 Report:

We continued our discussions on Sexuality Education with the pupils of MEPOL during the term and treated topics such as:

  • Fire on the Mountain: The need to avoid or flee from things that would corrupt their minds e.g. bad movies, pictures, books, friends and predators.
  • The gates of the body: ears/hearing, eyes/seeing, mouth/taste, hands/touch and how to protect ourselves.
  • Songs to drive home the messages e.g.
  • “ Oh be careful little eyes what you see,
  • for your Father up above is looking down below, oh be careful little eyes what you see”


A week-long train the Trainers course was organized for South West Nigeria by Tearfund and facilitated by Rev. Samuel Ajayi, of TOCCOMI. The purpose was to raise facilitators in the zone to reach out to Churches in the South West as Rev Ajayi was the only trained facilitator from the area.
Church and Community Mobilization Process (CCMP) is a new kind of development that begins with the local people. It aims at empowering people to transform their situation using their own God-given resources in a sustainable and holistic way. CCMP is a tool that is used to awaken the Church so that it can in turn awaken its immediate community.
Some of the topics treated at the training were:

  • CCMP: Concept, Objectives and Stages
  • CCMP as a tool of transformation
  • Pillars of CCMP
  • CCMP Bible Studies, including practice sessions

At the end of the training each participant developed a six-month action plan to practice learnings in their various locations.


CCMP Evaluation by Consultant and master facilitator, Francis Njoroge and Esther Lindon, CCMP Desk Officer, Tearfund UK. They were accompanied by the Nigerian Desk Officer, Ven. Isaac Danung, Jos, Plateau State, Nigeria, on July 23 -24 at Ilorin, Kwara State, Nigeria for the South West Zone.

We had a review of the post training experiences, with participants sharing what they have done and the impacts so far which was really encouraging. On the second day, we had a test to assess understanding and comprehension of CCMP, after which Dr. Ngoroge did a review of CCMP and it was quite enlightening.