Lambassa ICA Benin is conducting a project called "Rural Women's Contributions to Sustainable Development: Local Dialogue" from August to December 2015.


This project initiated by International Agricultural Development Fund (IFAD) serves as a strategy to engage rural women in the development agenda. The Dialogues are part of a global effort to advocate for the implementation of the Post-2+15 Agenda, namely the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), in that:

  • Rural areas are not deficient but a proud place with an economic future.
  • Grassroots women have vision for transformative rural development (linked with urban areas).
  • Grassroots women make innovative contributions to rural development.
  • Partnership between grassroots women, governments, institutions, and other members of civil society are a solution for development process and implementation of development programs.

This initiative is ongoing in five communities of the region of Donga: two in the district of Ouaké and three in the district of Djougou.


Several stakeholders are involved in our activities, namely, women groups, community, religious and traditional leaders; officers of the ministry in charge of agriculture and fishing; political authorities and media. 

Our organization became member of Huairou Commission in 2009 and since this date, we still participating to all the events initiated by this network towards women in the world. We have participated to several workshops organized by this network in Africa: 2009 in Ghana and Lesotho; 2010 in Zambia; 2011 in Tanzania and Kenya; 2012 in Nigeria. All these workshops are organized through a regional network called "Women land Link Africa".

On the ground, at least eight cooperatives have been created in order to buy lands, secure them and then use them for their living conditions improvement. Also, training sessions have been organized to help women claim their rights to land access and decisions "makers for awareness purpose".