Water and Sanitation

A capacity building workshop organized by ICA Benin for Water Consumers Associations leaders in the region of Donga with the Financial support of Both ENDS

After completing the borehole of Dodja in 2015, our organization Lambassa ICA Benin has just finished another one in the village of Adjago, situated in the district of Zè; with the financial support of an American NGO Well Water Global.


The Beneficiary community is already enjoying water from this well. Many partners have contributed for this project: our staff members, community leaders, the building company staff and decision makers. A management committee of five members has been created for the sustainability of this project.

Kassimou Issotina of Ica Benin writes: In order to contribute to water access to rural communities in Benin, ICA Benin is still looking for support to build water wells since 2010. In 2014, we entered into partnership with an American NGO called Well Water Global (WWG) for that purpose. 


In March 2015, Mr. Landon McBrayer, Executive Director of this NGO came to Benin to train our staff members in water filters building. These filters (called BIOSAND) are made with local materials like sand and gravels and are appreciated here. Our Ministry of Health issued a certificate for it.


In 2015 WWG supported us to build a big well equipped with energy generator in the village of Dodja (Quedo) in the district of Abamey Calavi situated at 20 km from Cotonou. This well is used by community members and children of the local primary school.

Ica Benin has started advocacy for water access to communities in the region of Donga. As member of End Water Poverty, ICA Benin mobilizes civil society organizations to celebrate the World Water Day, every 22 March since 2008. On June of the same year, our organization and represented Benin's CSOs to African CSOs meeting held in Charm El Cheick (Egypt) prior to African Union Summit, which was focused on water and sanitation. 


ICA Benin has prepared and participated to feasibility studies for a national project on the human right to water and sanitation in Benin in 2009. These studies were initiated by the Holland's ministry of Foreign Affairs and implemented by two international NGOs: COHRE (Switzerland) and Both ENDS (Holland). 


From 2013 to 2014, ICA Benin has implemented two projects focused on water and sanitation in the region of Donga: the first was entitled: "CSOs sensitization on the human right to water and sanitation" and the second: "Capacity Building for Safe Water Consumers' Associations" for all the four districts of Donga. These projects have been funded by Both ENDS.


In 2013, ICA Benin had initiated a national network of NGOs working on water and sanitation to promote human right to water and sanitation. This network is already active and on December 2013, End Water Poverty had accepted to support a national workshop for its members.


From February to November 2014, our organization was selected with two others to contribute to nationwide feasibility studies for decentralized cooperation on water and sanitation for local governments (districts) of Benin. This project was supported by the Town of Geneva and UNDP. In order to contribute to cholera's reduction in the town of Djougou, we have initiated a sensitization event on November 2014, with the support of ministry of health and the local government of Djougou.