Youth Initiatives

Mobilization against HIV AIDS

Participating in a national NGOs coalition on the leading of PLAN Benin, our organization was granted the ordination of the region of Donga. Our mission consisted of teachers and youth volunteers training in HIV AIDS fighting within schools. Among the topics were preventions initiatives, care for positive persons, struggle against the marginalization of positive persons and sexual violence in schools. This project involved at least 2,300 students within the four districts of Donga. 

Births limitation initiatives

In Benin, births are not controlled. So, every person is free to get the number of children he wishes. In rural areas and slums of big towns, it is possible to discover families with more than fifteen children. This situation increases poverty and does not enable these children to benefit of their rights like school attending and wellbeing. 



Community's mobilization for children sending to school

In the regions of Donga and Atacora, children trafficking are a dangerous phenomenon. Children are leaving schools and went to big towns of Benin or Nigeria, hoping to become rich. This situation is organized by some people who propose money and gifts to their parents. Thus, they take away small boys and girls. Finally, these children come back with empty hands and it is difficult for them to return to school. In order to improve this situation, ICA Benin has organized several sensitizations within five villages of Donga on August and September 2014. We have involved teachers, community members, law makers and traditional leaders.