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Update Community Development Agroville


 The beneficiaries of the projects continue their activities in the respective villages with enthusiasm and pride because they see for the most part the first fruits of their plants.


Also the production of eggs from the Japanese (Momiji), and the local chickens equels 10 bags of eggs per day from their 428 chickens in the village of N'gorankro, and in Niamanzra, their 300 chickens produce 6 bags of eggs per day. The villages of Niamanzra 2 and Bonikro have just finished selling their broilers.


The development of the guavatrees and orange trees is visible after two years of cultivating these plants. Maintenance of the palm trees, orange and guava plantations has been going on regularly, ever since the beneficiaries began to see the first flowers in these fields.


About vegetable raising: in some villages they were able to make the first cycle of eggplant and okra production in the month of July.


Report of the month August 2018

For those on the land together with those in the administrative office, we continue to work in a friendly atmosphere, which allows us to have good results despite some difficulties encountered here and there. For the month of August activities focused on the cultivation of cucumbers and the establishment of pepper nurseries for the village of N'gorankro, and for the other villages: aubergines and African tomatoes.


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Meeting with the Regional Council in Abidjan

In the context of the World Bank project, the meetings have taken place in a cordial atmosphere with the Regional Council and the village authorities of the four selected localities. We are in the process of enrolling and validating the lists of the 200 beneficiaries of the project. This step will allow us to set up the:Village Savings and Credit Association, in the four villages, namely: Elibou, Grand-Yapo, Boussoukro and Skrogbo.