Report of the month August 2018

For those on the land together with those in the administrative office, we continue to work in a friendly atmosphere, which allows us to have good results despite some difficulties encountered here and there. For the month of August activities focused on the cultivation of cucumbers and the establishment of pepper nurseries for the village of N'gorankro, and for the other villages: aubergines and African tomatoes.


The Community Agents for the project, financed by the World Bank, have, together with the selection committee started to select the beneficiaries that will provide for the constitution of the Village Savings and Loan Associations. This step allows us to prepare for the General Assembly and for theinstallation of the executive offices of each AVEC  that will establish the terms for the distribution of the individual savings.


As part of the administration, we are looking for documents that will help us to benefit from the year 4 project with ICA Japan. Thus we were able to obtain from the Regional Director of the Ministry of Agriculture and Sustainable Development, a letter of support for the future project that ICA Japan and ICA-CI will carry out.


Written by Kouame Konan

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