About ICAs in West Africa

ICA's in West Africa are promoting West Africa's Development serving the rural and semi-urban communities.


ICA's EPDI Nigeria was established to help people and groups release the potential in them for their own development and enhance their living conditions. They now focus on children and teenagers and numerous other programs.


ICA Togo was founded in order to promote participatory, sustainable rural development and facilitate the real participation and involvement of local populations.  Their mission is to help people gain confidence and new perspectives, as well as realize their potential to facilitate their own development.


 ICA's Development Institute Ghana's mission is to enable African communities to confront their development challenges with passion and commitment towards social stability and care for nature. They enable African communities to confront their development challenges with passion and commitment towards social stability and care for nature. 


ICA Benin works on several issues like education, youth, health and environment. They now  focus on Water and Sanitation, Youth Initiatives, Trees planting campaign and Agriculture. They are involved in many programs at both the local and national level.


ICA Côte d'Ivoire is catalyzing, encouraging and supporting all efforts of local development.  They are doing the forth year of Leadership and advanced agriculture training in 11 villages. They have implemented a Community Development Committee in each village to manage these activities and formed a CO-OP to work with their government. Also for sustainability they started a restaurant. They also work with the World Bank.



Statutory ICA members of ICA International are ICA Togo, ICA Benin, and ICA Côte d'Ivoire, and Associate ICA members are EPDI Nigeria and Development Institute Ghana


 In 2018 there are a total of 48 members worldwide.  Their is little practical distinction between Statutory members and Associate members except statutory members have a vote in ICA's on-line General Assemblies. Both have formal registrations and hold a common sense of values.


There is a West Africa map and activity photos below.

History of ICAs in West Africa

Several ICA's were active for more than 20 years, and associate ICA's joined after ICAI created the Associate Member structure in 2010. See each West Africa ICA web pages for information in the ICA Per Country section.


ICA West Africa had several informal meetings and with their first conference they felt a strong unity after publishing of their first conference report.  The fourth conference was just completed in November 2018.


Map of South West Africa

South West Africa

Typical West Africa Activities

 Above are typical meetings and activities


Contacts for West Africa ICAs

Hannah Anighoro

Adufu Yawo Gator

Ms Dzifa Kumaga

Ken Kinney

Kassimou Issotina

Saka Sanni

Eugene Konan

Adufu Yawo Gator

ICA's EDPI Nigeria 

ICA Togo

ICA's Development Institute Ghana

ICA's Development Institute Ghana

ICA Benin

ICA Benin

ICA Côte d'Ivoire

ICA International Vice President